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Please join our Facebook group (Friends of Bluegrass Hawaii) for updates on the campout.

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Mark your calendar!!! Join us at The OASIS in Pāhoa on Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024 from noon till 5PM. Bring your acoustic stringed instrument, a chair, some lunch if you're hungry, a beer if you're old enough and can drink one responsibly, and a pal to cheer us on!

Just $5 admission (FREE if you're a kid 12 and under, or a paid member of Bluegrass Hawai‘i)!

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Our beloved Bluegrass in the Ko'olau event is coming up October 20-23! You must be a member of Bluegrass Hawaii to participate. For more information, please join our Facebook Group called "Friends Of Bluegrass Hawaii", or join our email newsletter.

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