2018/19 Board Members
Jim Bersson, President
Bob Hayes, Treasurer
Virginia Hayes, Secretary
Gary Jennings
Andrea Stanton
Michelle Steuermann, Vice President

Mahalo to ALL of our directors and officers, past and present! If you'd like to get involved, please contact

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Bluegrass Hawaii Annual Membership Meeting

October 20, 2019

Attended: Board members - Jim Bersson, Bob Hayes, Michelle Steuermann, Gary Jennings, Virginia Hayes, 30 camp out attendees

Call to Order: 12:15 pm

Purpose of the meeting: Required by our by-laws

Business: Introduced the board members

  • Jim Bersson - President
  • Michelle Steuermann
  • Bob Hayes - Treasurer
  • Andrea Stanton - co-secretary
  • Virginia Hayes - co- secretary
  • Gary Jennings

Treasurer's Report: Bob Hayes reported that there is approximately $6,700.00 in the treasury. The t-shirts for the camp out were paid for for the April 2019 camp out.

Review of ongoing and recent initiatives: The board is working on updating the information on the web site.

Upcoming Events: The Kahumanu Retreat is our next big event on January 18 th and 19 th 2020. We will be sending out information about that soon.

Recognition of Folks that Helped Make the Campout a Success:

  • Mary Schorenstheimer - food preparation and management
  • Andy Char - scheduling the event and organizing volunteers
  • Mick Michelson - salmon
  • Justin Murata - brisket
  • Bob and Virginia Hayes - doing what they do
  • Gary Jennings - registration
  • Evelyn Greene - managing the emails and website
  • Jim Bersson - taking charge
  • The bands that performed
  • Caroline Wright - the founder of Bluegrass Hawaii
  • Rene Berthiaume - provides storage for much of Bluegrass Hawaii's equipment.
  • All of the BGH members for making the event a wonderful experience for all of us.
  • Apologies to anyone I left out.

Requests, Suggestions, Ideas, Comments:

  • Find a place to hold a jam in the Kailua area
  • Put a tune a month on the website to add to our list of jamming songs
  • Scotty suggested holding jams at a Treatment or Addiction Center (didn't get the name though) located near him and was wondering if there would be sufficient interest. Could hold half-fast jams there. Coordinate with Larry.
  • Harry suggested the Association buy a large shelter to provide another place for folks to jam during rainy weather at the campouts. Jim responded the Board would take that up at our next meeting.
  • Andy Char mentioned the togetherness, spirit, and camaraderie that exemplifies Bluegrass Hawaii
  • Mentioned that non-profit organizations can get discounts from certain vendors. I think he specifically mentioned Costco and Walmart. We should look into it, the next time any of us goes to Costco.

Adjourned: 12:30

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2019

Attendance: Jim Bersson, Gary Jennings, Michelle Steuermann, Bob Hayes, Andrea Stanton, Virginia Hayes, (Andy Char)

Call to Order: 11:30 am

Treasurer's Report: Bob Hayes

  • Balance $6,700.00
  • Paid one half of our insurance $490.00
  • Reimbursed Andy Char for Ho'omaluhia reservation $225.00
  • T-shirts have already been paid.
  • Contact Sam about bumper stickers

Minutes: Minutes for the May meeting were read and approved.

October Camp Out:

  • Registration - Gary
  • Volunteers - Andy
  • Membership - Virginia
  • Makai Sites Registration - Jim
  • Gary will contact Ev about a blast mail announcing registration beginning and ending.
  • Saturday dinner brisket - Justin
  • Friday dinner - Andy, kalua pork, Joe, chili, Mike, salmon
  • Contra dancers - April Camp Out
  • Suggestion box - Andrea
  • Ice - Jim
  • Firewood and fake mic - Gary
  • Program for Saturday:
    • Vocal Workshop - Jim and Sharron
    • Slow Jam - Bob S.
    • Advanced Jam - Andy
    • Beginning Fiddle - Virginia
    • Band Scramble - Saturday

Other new business:

  • Kahumana Retreat over January 18-19, 2020
  • Deposit paid
  • Find out about camping
  • Jams - Post a couple new songs per month on the web site to learn for the Manoa Jam.
  • Update the web site
    • Recurring events - Gary
    • Bands - Bob
    • Articles and Links - Virginia
    • Bluegrass Hawaii Organization
    • Home - Michelle
  • Look for a jam site in Kailua

Next Meeting - Sunday, November 17, 2019

Bluegrass Hawaii Minutes

May 5, 2019

Attendees: Jim, Michelle, Andy, Bob

Call to order at 11:15

Treasurer's Report (Bob):
Camp out


  • Food - $906.00
  • T-shirts - $579.00
  • Pavilion - $225.00
  • Total - $2,510.00


  • Donations - $1442.00
  • T-Shirts - $810.00
  • Memberships - $100.00
  • Total - $2,352.00

Reimbursment - $32.00 camp site reservation
Memberships collected before the camp out - $230.00
35 t-shirts left over, 35 more ordered for the October camp out

Old Business:

Camp out in April:

  • Low attendance
  • Ask the contra dancers back for 1 hour of dancing

New Business:


  • Look into term limits
  • Annual meeting at October camp out Secretary notifies Evelyn to send a blast-mail for nominations in September

October campout:

  • Workshop ideas: Nakana Wong, Mike Michelson, Bob Schornstheimer, Lesley, Patty
  • Open mic

Kahumana Farm: January 18-19, 2020, capacity and rates
Website: Update it - Jim
Compensated Michele for airfare
Next meeting set for 11:00am, September 15, 2019 Manoa District Park
Adjourn: 12:40

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Meeting Minutes

Attended: Jim Bersson, Gary Jennings, Bob Hayes, Virginia Hayes

Call to order

Minutes from September 16, 2018 read by Virginia and accepted.

Treasurer's Report by Bob Hayes

  • $7,200.00 as of October 2018

October Campout Discussion

  • The Saturday schedule went smoothly.
  • Sunday after lunch was a good time for the annual members meeting.
  • The workshops were successful. Patty Clayton's was very informative. Bob Schornstheimer's was well attended.
  • Andy Char did a superb job monitoring the open mic.
  • Gary had a fun and successful impromptu fiddle jam.
  • Food was great. Wonderful to have Gary Jennings and Scott Crockford cooking breakfast.
  • Mary Schornstheimer was her amazing self again.

Ideas for the April 2019 campout were suggested:
We want workshops: Patty Clayton, Bob Schornstheimer, Lesley Kline, etc.
Advertise in TGIF again.
Gary will be off island. Virginia will do registration. More planning at the March 10, 2019 board meeting.

Kahumana Retreat
February 23, 2019, Raphael House
P.A. for lunch and dinner
Breakfast provided at the house on Sunday morning
Lunch and dinner at your own discretion
Half Fast jam at Kahumana
Canopy for stage.

Next board meeting March 10, 2019, at Jim Bersson's home.

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Bob Hayes, Jim Bersson, Michelle Steuermann, Virginia Hayes, Gary Jennings, Andrea Stanton, Andy Char

Call to order 11:13am

Minutes of last meeting: June 17, 2018, read by Virginia Hayes and accepted

Treasurer's report: Bob Hayes reported on the balance of the check book since the last campout: Was $7200 and now $6275

Evelyn Greene's responsibilities have been lightened. Virginia has the membership list and has sent out reminder and thank you for renewing membership emails for August and September so far. Bob Hayes will contact Evelyn to find a suitable server that she will have better access to maintain the Bluegrass Hawaii website.

Sister Relationship with Bluegrass in Japan:
Sam Hayakawa ordered 200 bumper stickers and sent 100 over to Japan and the rest are for the campout. The board is going to check in to see if Sam invited them to our campouts. Stickers will be $3.00.

Jim contacted Travis Schmidt, the local Chapter Coordinator. Guitars4Vets needs volunteers to teach guitar and donate guitars to veterans. Evelyn sent out a notice in June advising members of the need. If people would like to volunteer they will have to do a short training session beforehand. They have two locations at Dept of Veterans Affairs facilities, one in Kapolei (beginners and more advanced students), and one in Town (beginners only). Jim is going to follow up and see if they would like to come out to the campout to watch the performances on Saturday.

Future Retreat Campout:
Jim contacted Kahumana Farm and Organic Cafe and discussed looking into having the retreat around January or February. They have two retreat buildings and can provide lodging for around 30 people. There is additional lodging available nearby if necessary. Food is available at the Café, which serves three meals a day. Jim is going to contact them again to find out what weekends are available, check in and out times, and then he will discuss with the board members and we will make a final decision.

Campout October 19, 2018:
Food: Mary and Virginia will be in charge of making the food schedule.

Schedule: Andy will put together a schedule of all of the performances and make a timeline for Saturday and Sunday.

Workshops: Andy and Virginia will each teach a workshop on Saturday

T-shirts: The board agreed to keep a similar design to last years with a new date on it and a different color. Next time will be a new design. T-shirts will be $15.00.

Registration: Gary will call Evelyn to send out a flash email about membership and campout registration. He will get a list from Virginia of all of the current members and any new members that join after that Virginia will send over to him.

Volunteers: Michelle, Andrea, and Virginia will be in charge of organizing volunteer sign ups for kitchen help, Registration and T-shirt table. Andy will be in charge of making announcements throughout the day. Virginia and Andrea will organize the Band Scramble

Announcements: There will be a membership meeting at the campout on Sunday before lunch.

Andy to police songs for open mic and have a paper that says the guidelines. Gary to make a pretend Microphone Stick for show.

Andrea to make an Idea Box to help improve future campouts.

Future ideas:
Bluegrass campout T-shirt design contest

Scott Young from the Hawaii State Art Museum mentioned to Virginia about applying for grants to bring the education of Bluegrass into the schools. Virginia is going to follow up and ask for a grant template to see what is involved.

The next board meeting is scheduled for December 16, 2018, 11:00 at Manoa District Park.

Meeting Ajourned 12:45

Written by Andrea Stanton

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2018

Attendance: Bob Hayes, Jim Bersson, Michelle Steuermann, Virginia Hayes, Gary Jennings (telephone)

Call to order: Welcomed new board members

Minutes of last meeting: May 7, 2017, read by Virginia Hayes and accepted

Treasurer's Report: Bob Hayes reported on the balance of the check book before and after the last camp out: Before - $6500.00 After - $7200.00.
Michelle was reimbursed $200.00 for roundtrip airfare from Maui for the purpose of attending the board meeting.

New officers: President - Jim Bersson, Vice President - Michelle Steurermann, Bob Hayes - Treasurer Secretary - Virginia Hayes, Andrea Gigliotti

Evelyn Greene's responsibilities as webmaster, emailer, elections, etc.: Evelyn's responsibilities are many. The board wishes to lighten her load as much as possible. It was discussed and agreed upon that Andrea and Virginia will maintain the membership list, run elections, notify board members about board meetings and general membership meetings. They will work with Evelyn to make these changes. Also, discuss with Evelyn any other responsibilities she would like to pass on. Bob Hayes will contact Evelyn and work with her to find a suitable server that she will have better access to maintain the Bluegrass Hawaii website.

April 2018- The open no mic on Sunday afternoon was too long. It was decided to limit it to 2 hours.
Two songs per group needs to be enforced.
The size of the campout was manageable.
People liked the number of workshops.
The t-shirt, membership table needs more volunteers that will show up for duty.

October 2018 - Even though the size of the campout was manageable in April, the board decided to advertise in TGIF Star Advertiser for the next campout to increase interest in BGH. Jim mentioned that it was such advertising that brought him to the event, thus he became a part of the organization. Virginia will contact TGIF.
Gary volunteered to manage the camp registration.
Andy has agreed to organize events for the campout.
Virginia is going to contact Cait Ellis about a new t-shirt design, with a date for the campout
Agreed to pay bands $100.00 and workshop facilitators $50.00
Talk to Sam about making bumper stickers for the event.

Dates for the 2019 Campouts: April 26-29, October
It was discussed to bring in individuals from the mainland to provide workshops, enhance jamming, etc. at the campouts.

Membership cost: The BGH board amended the bylaws, Article 3 Membership, 3.1 to read: 3.1 Members. Members shall be those who pay annual dues if assessed. Members' children under the age of 18 do not require membership.

Future ideas for BGH
Sam Hayakawa suggested by email to create a sister relationship with the Hakone/Asagiri Festivals in Japan and Bluegrass Hawaii Bluegrass in the Ko'olau. The board agreed to contact Sam letting him know that we would like to make that happen. Sam has agreed to be the coordinator for that endeavor.

The board was contacted via email by Nada Mangialetti, a volunteer guitar teacher at Guitars4Vets, a non-profit organization that provides free instruction and free guitars for military veterans, based on the healing power of music. They are looking for volunteers.

Jim agreed to contact Nada

Bob suggested the idea of a small retreat campout in addition to our regular campouts. There would be a fee to pay for the venue, etc. It was suggested that Kahumana Farms would be a possible place. Jim agreed to contact Kahumana Farms to find out costs, availability, etc. Michelle suggested Camp Olowalu on Maui might be a venue for a bluegrass retreat.

Future Board Meetings
It was decided to hold 4 board meetings per year, one before and after each campout. The next board meeting is scheduled for September 16, 2018, 11:00 at Manoa District Park.

The board amended the BGH bylaws as to the general membership meeting. Article 4 - Meeting of Members was amended to read:
4.1 Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors shall hold the annual meeting of members in the State of Hawaii starting in 2006 and annually thereafter during the month of October.

A Meeting of Members is scheduled for October, 2018 at the Bluegrass in the Ko'olau campout, time to be determined when the campout schedule is finalized.

Written by Virginia Hayes

Minutes of the Bluegrass Hawaii Board Meeting
May 7, 2017

Attending: Bob Hayes, Andy Char, Justin Murata, Michelle Steuermann, Ev Greene, Jim Bresson (by phone)

Guest: Virginia Hayes

Called to order 2:45 pm

Recap of April Bluegrass in the Ko'olau:
Expenses totaled $1662, income from membership,T Shirts, guitar raffle, and donations totaled $2189. All had a great time!

Discussion centered on improvement or changes to the campout:
The Basic Beginner Workshop on Saturday is always well attended. An intermediate workshop may be appropriate for Sunday. Workshops are difficult to schedule and content need to be updated. The membership will be asked to provide feedback and ideas concerning new workshops or old ones that need to be repeated. The board would also like to hear if the membership would like to include contra dance.

The Board agreed to schedule the Band Scramble on Saturday in order for the group to mingle early on in the weekend. Band performances will follow the Scramble later on Saturday afternoon.

Bob Hayes will have T shirts made for the October campout. He will coordinate with Sam Hayakawa on design.

Michelle will look for help in scheduling the manning of the membership/T shirt table.

Evelyn will investigate offering memberships at different levels through PayPal.

Adjourned 4:15 pm

Drinking ensued.

Minutes of the Bluegrass Hawaii Annual Membership Meeting
May 15, 2016

Manoa Valley District Park, 2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu

Call to order, 1:20 pm

Old Business: None

New Business:
Treasurer's Report
Income from the last Bluegrass in the Koolau approximately $2700.00: $1,500 in donations, $400 from guitar raffle, $200 in memberships, $600 from T Shirt sales. Expenses were $1855: $1,050 for food, $235 for the Pavilion, $400 for T Shirt purchase, $170 for the guitar. Net profit was $845. The Board would like to thank the various members who donated $425 for makai side campsites and those who donated time and talent for band performances and workshop presentations, resulting in a successful campout.

Bluegrass in the Ko'olua Feedback:
Many folks felt the last campout was the best ever. A few comments were received regarding the difficulty of using the C&C website for makai side reservation, lack of band scramble, and loud amplified music that was not bluegrass. There was a request that the campout include scheduled jams during the day to accommodate folks who wanted to jam, but could not camp.

The Board discussed replacing the Band Scramble, which has become increasingly difficult to find participants, with an open mic. Folks could sign up for 10 minute slots either Saturday or Sunday afternoon in place of the Band Scramble. There was also a suggestion to move the Band Scramble to Saturday afternoon.

The Board also discussed future jam sites, although those present all reported satisfaction with the Manoa Vally District Park location. A "Pau Hana" Friday evening jam in Kapiolani Park was one of the possibilities for a new time and place.

The Secretary will email our membership for feedback on the Band Scramble or open mic idea, and the "Pau Hana" jam.

Board Elections

Preliminary to the election of directors, campaign speeches from the candidates were entertained. F Greene vowed that if elected she would work strenuously for the survival of the key of A at BGH jams. A. Char, responding to complaints of too many hippies at the BGITK campouts, said that there would be a "beautiful" and "yuge" wall to keep out the hippies, who would pay for the wall.

By motion which was seconded and approved, at approximately 2:00 p.m. proceedings were suspended pending the casting of ballots, and were recommenced at approximately 4:00 after all ballots were cast.

Two Board members, Bob Hayes and Michelle Steuermann, continued through this year. We had five slots open. Voting took place via email and in person. Congratulations to our current Board members:

  • Jim Bersson
  • Andy Char
  • Ev (F) Greene
  • Bob Hayes
  • Justin Murata
  • Michelle Steuermann
  • Jeb Wiemer

Meeting Adjourned: 1:45

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Minutes
March 23, 2016

9th Avenue, Honolulu, the Wong Hale

Call to order

Present Board Members: Bob Hayes, Justin Murata, Jeb Wiemer, Michelle Steuermann, & Evelyn Greene.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Meeting Adjourned

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Minutes
June 21, 2015

Manoa Valley District Park, 2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu

Call to order

Present: Board Members: Bob Hayes, Virginia Hayes, Justin Murata, Jeb Wiemer, Teresa Berthiaume, Andy Char & Evelyn Greene. Also present were Rene Berthiaume, David Carbacio, Jim & Sharon Hancock, Caroline Wright, Sam Hayakawa, Nakana Wong, Mike Spengel, Susan Wiess, Ed Redford. Others came in during the meeting.

Secretary's Report & Treasurer's report: Bob Hayes, reported: Please see Minutes of last meeting May 17, 2015 with Reports on Bluegrass Hawaii's Website


Discussion & Meeting for next Campout October 2015, Bluegrass in the Ko'olau: Teresa made the announcement: Anyone willing to take an active role in assisting with making this campout the a great success is invited to attend a meeting on July 26, 2015, at Berthiaume's 2-8pm. Meeting, potluck, jam (Please RSVP to Teresa:

Monthly Jam Schedule: Teresa reported previous jam sites as: Old Stadium Park (access), Thomas Square, Keehi, Wahiawa Botanical Gardens, Waimea Valley Park, Exchange etc.

Teresa asked for anyone with new well researched and viewed sites to let the Board know with all details. Basic Criteria: Clean bathrooms, adequate parking, easy access for all, Shaded area or large area for the Pop Up, etc.

Next Monthly Jam Location was decided to be July 19th 2015- at Manoa Valley District Park. We all agreed we liked the spot very much especially for the summer months before the rains. It is in town, nice area, clean bathrooms and shady spot with some tables.


Proceed with Election of Board Member to Fill One Open Position:

Election Teller is Evelyn Greene who was an objective person to tabulate the election results.

Nominees: Michelle Steuerman, Caroline Wright (see bios on BH website)

Evelyn supplied the group with anonymous blank ballots for those present who had not voted as yet. Those were completed and Evelyn Greene took the tally from the website as well as today and the results were as follows: Michelle Stuermann was the winner and is Bluegrass Hawaii's newest Board Member. An email will sent out with results and congratulations by Evelyn & Teresa.


Date & location of next Board meeting. It was decided that on July 26, 2015, at Teresa's house there will be a campout/board meeting.


Bluegrass Hawaii Board Minutes
May 17, 2015

In Attendance:
Teresa, Jeb, Justin, Bob, Andy, Evelyn, Virginia, Guests: Rene, Caroline, Dave

Secretary's Report:
Minutes of last meeting 2/15/15 See web site

Treasurer's Report:
Camp out:

  • T-shirts cost $650 Earned $1,400
  • Food cost $1000 Donations $1431
  • Donations were greater than the previous Oct. 2014 camp out
  • Did not pay for workshop presenters or bands
  • Cost of reserving camp sites across the road was not figured in. Two individuals were reimbursed. There was a discussion of how to complete reimbursement. If a list was provided of contributors, they could be contacted. If a note was made on the email sent out to contributors to contact Bob Hayes, the process could be doable.

Old Business:
Camp out: Comments from board members about Jam with the Bands - Successful, lower participation than expected, more explanation was needed at the onset to let participants know the object of the workshop, bands need to stay in control of the jam. Seemed to be more players that onlookers at this camp out.

New Business:
Monthly jam sites: Concern about homeless at Old Stadium Park because we were unable to use the pavilion and the bathrooms were dirty. It was decided to look at Manoa Valley District Park for the next jam June 21.

Membership Meeting and election at June 21 jam at Manoa Valley District Park: The meeting will be at 1:00 and the jam will end at 5:00pm. It will be a pot luck.
One vacancy to fill on the board, Virginia Hayes.
Nominations begin on May 17, 2015, Nominations close May 31, 2015, Voting begins by email on June 1, 2015, Voting closes June 21, 2015 at Manoa Valley District Park

Camp Out Planning Meeting for October Event: July 26, 2015, at 2:00, at Teresa's home

Suggested there might be a dance on Friday evening of the camp out
Registration dates must work around Ev's trip to the mainland. Specific dates to be decided at the planning meeting Invite individuals who would want to help with the camp out.
We need someone else to run the band scramble.

Mike Kear:
It was agreed to bring Mike Kear, our web master, to Oahu for the October camp out, spending no more than $1000.

Harvest Hoedown:
Caroline Wright presented her ideas about Harvest Hoedown (HH), a bluegrass event to be held Sunday November 1, 2015, in conjunction with bringing Betse Ellis and Clarke Wyatt from the mainland to perform at HH and for a series of concerts/performance during October coinciding with the October camp out.
Caroline is asking for use of BGH 501(c) (3) non-profit certification for free use of the Waialua Community Center in Haleiwa. The venue has not been secured yet. BGH has already agreed to insurance support.
She is also asking for financial support for the expenses necessary to bring Ellis and Wyatt roundtrip to Oahu and other related expenses for the HH event. A specific amount was not made known at the time of the board meeting. Board members wish to discuss the proposal and get back to Caroline. Caroline agreed to give the board more specific numbers as to the amount of money she needs from BGH for HH. Board members agreed to give Caroline more information about BGH's monetary expectations.
Virginia was asked to inquire with our insurance agent Brad Ho about any extra charges for insurance coverage for HH. She was also to inquire about D & O insurance.
The board agreed to get back to Caroline in a timely manner.

The meeting was adjourned.

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Minutes
February 15, 2015

Attending: Teresa, Evelyn, Andy, Jeb, Bob and Virginia

Treasurer's Report:
Bob reported that he took care of the State and Federal tax filings. He also paid the insurance.

Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus
April 24-27
Virginia would help Evelyn with registration. Limit to 200 campers. No Saturday performances. Instead, Jam with the Bands. Mary and Virginia would take care of food. Limit workshops: fiddle, vocal, jam basics. Teresa would take care of T-shirts.

Monthly Jams
March 2015-Wahiawa Botanical Gardens
St. Stephens in Wahiawa may begin charging. Besides those sites mentioned on the agenda, others were Pu'uala Park, park by Mike Spengel's house in Mililani, behind Queen Emma's.
To enhance the jams have board members there.

Other Business
Decided not to have a meeting before the camp out.
It was discussed to edit the BH Mission statement to include traditional and bluegrass music, Pacific region rim.

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Minutes
November 2, 2014

Present: Board members: Teresa Berthiaume president, Bob Hayes treasurer, Virginia Hayes secretary, Jeb Wiemer, Andy Char camp out coordinator, Justin Murata, Evelyn Greene website manager (email) Visitors: Mike Spengel, Rene Berthiaume, Scott Rhodes, Larry Hinds, Laura Hinds, Caroline Wright, Sam Hayakawa (email)

Treasurer's Report: Bob Hayes
October 2014 Camp out:

  • $1,867.00 collected (approximate)
  • $1,863.00 spent (approximate)
  • $1,100.00 food donations (approximate)
  • $540.00 T-shirt inventory remaining
  • $480.00 to reserve Makai campsites (mostly donated by members who reserved the sites)
  • Bank Account Balance: $5000.00 (approximate)

Old Business:
Board members and visitors discussed likes/dislikes of our previous camp outs. Members expressed likes and dislikes to not having bands performing onSaturday.

Missed the bands, bands provide an opportunity for inexperienced pickers to see the skills necessary to perform as a band, not enough energy without the performances. No bands in October, easier to plan, keeps the event smaller, allows time for more jamming on Saturday. The best pickers are available for jamming and are not practicing. Band performances take up a lot of time on Saturday. Issues with bands such as who gets to perform, who goes first, limit number of bands.

Other points:

  • October campout had half as many participants as April's. Could have been due to bad weather.
  • Enjoyed more jamming time at Oct. event.
  • Good idea to keep the Oct. event smaller.
  • Bands at the spring camp out.
  • Liked the Band Scramble on Sat.
  • Good beginner jam
  • Atypically, campers left early on Sunday (Oct.)
  • Management issues for the April event
  • One purpose of the camp outs is to bring jamming experiences to people who have never been to a festival.
  • Shouldn't over advertise to manage the size of the event. Coincide with Hallowballoo in Oct.
  • Firewood was scarce, Oct.
  • Cans instead of bottles
  • Gospel jam on Sunday morning was great.
  • Need donations for water/put the cooler beside the t-shirts
  • April 2013 camp out was a success. It was our largest ever
  • Registration process for Oct. was easier than April's.
  • Makai camping was quieter
  • No one had issues with becoming a member to camp
  • About 50% of the registrants signed up to volunteer

A board meeting will be scheduled toaddress changes that need to be made to improve the camp outs.

  • Keep workshops away from the pavillion
  • Committee for firewood
  • Cans/ no bottles
  • How much do we want to grow?
  • Enforcing rules
  • More pizzaz without bands
  • Firewood committee
  • Commit to staying over Sunday night
  • Open mic

New Business:

Camp outs: April 24, 2015 and October 23, 2015 Dates for the camp outs Andy will coordinate and asked for a co-leader to shadow and pass the responsibility to for future camp outs.

Jams: Larry will be trying to schedule some jams in town. Thomas Square, Old Stadium Park, Kapiolani Park. Pot luck at jams. Move jams to the 2nd Sunday of the month to not overcrowd the end of the month.


  • Introduce accoustic bluegrass music to children. elementary schools/parks
  • Nursing home peformances are ongoing. Other pickers are invited
  • Encourage military, tourists, more experienced pickers to join our jams
  • Raise the quality of our jams

Event Coordinator Proposal: Caroline Wright
Caroline submitted a proposal to hire her as an event coodinator for Bluegrass Hawaii. It was moved (Bob) and seconded(Andy) to consider and discuss her proposal at the next board meeting.

Request to Hire an Accountant: Bob Hayes
The board agreed to hire an accountant to help with financial matters concerning taxes. Caroline suggested Jim Murphy and will contact him. Larry Hinds is contacting an accountant he knows.

Board Meeting
The next board meeting was set for Jan. 11, 2014 at Teresa and Rene's home.

Items suggested for the agenda:

  • Caroline's proposal
  • Camp Timberline event for members of BGH
  • April 2015 Camp out

Meeting Adjourned 4:20

Bluegrass Hawaii Board Minutes
June 22, 2014, 1 pm Andy's in Haleiwa

In attendance: Scott Rhode, Andy Char, Evelyn Greene, Bob Hayes, Virginia Hayes, Justin Murata

Treasurer's Report (Bob):
$5,049.00 in the Bluegrass Hawaii account
$1,168.00 in member dues since January 2014

Old Business:
There was a discussion about the April 2014 Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus camp out. Late night noise in the camping area needs to be lessened and limited to traditional/ bluegrass music.
No fire batons.

New Business:
Election of Board Members:
Bob and Virginia Hayes are the only members in the middle of a two year term. That leaves 5 positions available. A general membership meeting was scheduled for August 17, 2014 at 11:00 am at Wahiawa Botanical Gardens for the purpose of an election and filling those 5 positions. Nominations will begin on July 6th and close on July 20th. Nominations can be emailed to Evelyn Greene at and close on July 20th

Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus, October 24-27
It was decided to have a simpler format than the April camp outs to allow for more jamming time.
No band performances.
To facilitate meeting new pickers and jamming, there will be a band scramble on Saturday and Sunday.
The kitchen band, a new addition to the event, will continue around the barbecue grill. There will be a gospel jam Sunday morning.
Workshops to be announced.

Bluegrass Hawaii Monthly jams:
To help the jams grow, it was decided to have more of the BH monthly jams in locations nearer to Waikiki and Honolulu. There was also great appreciation for both Larry Hinds for taking over the scheduling of jams and for Mike Spengel who also, diligently found a place every month.

Music in the Schools:
Because we are a non- profit organization whose mission is to promote bluegrass music in Hawaii, it was decided that we should look into ideas and possibilities to bring our music to the students of Hawaii. We want to generate ideas about how to do that from members of Bluegrass Hawaii and put a plan into action.

Minutes of the Board Meeting August 22, 2013 (Teleconference)

Attendees: Scott Rhode, Andy Char, Bob Hayes, Charlie Rosario, Jan Willis, Justin Murata, Virginia Hayes, Mike Spengel, Caroline Wright

The main topic was Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus, October 18-21, 2013

Entertainment for Saturday: Andy is in charge of bands and scheduling

  • ½ hour for each band
  • Barnstormers
  • Bathtub Gin
  • Discord and Rye
  • Gypsy Jazz (if they agree)
  • North Shore Ramblers
  • Saddle Road


  • Fiddle Scottish, Irish- Lisa Gomes
  • Bluegrass Fiddle - Lesley, (Virginia will talk to her)
  • Beginning Guitar - Jeb
  • Banjo - Steve Ryan
  • Mandolin - Rick or Sam
  • Vocal - Kilin, Caroline, Jimbo
  • Fiddle tunes/guitar - Charlie
  • Autoharp - Barb, if she's available
  • Ipad- Jan and Charlie

It was suggested that when members sign up to camp, they can volunteer for needed positions

Parking: Saturday, 12:00-3:00pm, 3 people, 30 min. shifts, (Evelyn reminded us that we had talked about a policeman as a show of force). Make no parking signs

Area Cleanup: Six volunteers on Saturday and Sunday morning before 8 am to secure unwanted bottles and debris.

Meals: People to cook meals and clean up before and after meals. Andy volunteered for breakfast. Scotty is bringing water. Bob suggested marking your water bottle with permanent ink to lessen the waste. Virginia will do pre-event shopping with Mary if she agrees.

Other Topics:
Camp Registration and Site reservations will be coordinated by Mike. (I did not get to clarify the dates and times for the minutes, but Mike sent us an email about it.) Names and addresses of those reserving sites will be noted to be reimbursed by a check in the mail.

It was agreed upon to pay bands $100.00 and workshop facilitators $50.00.

Band Scramble on Sunday leaving it at one song to perform.

We will have a gospel sing. Suggested that Rick, Rene or Harry lead it.

Camping is limited to members

We need large trash bags, bins for cans and bottles, bathroom supplies for cleaning

People should be informed about what are acceptable instruments for a bluegrass festival

Someone will check with Jim about Tshirts.

Further Topics for our next meeting:
Caroline is willing to work with BGH concerning jams , schools, etc. She will present a proposal to the board at a future meeting.

Virginia Hayes, secretary

Minutes of the Board Meeting on June 16, 2013

The Bluegrass Hawaii Board met at Kealohi Neighborhood Park in Mililani before the monthly BH jam.

In attendance were: Scott Rhode, Andy Char, Bob Hayes, Jeb Wiemer, Justin Murata, Virginia Hayes, Mike Spengel, and Evelyn Greene

Agenda and Notes

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer, Bob Hayes reported that BH has a balance of approximately $5000.00.

After payments were made to bands, workshop facilitators, purchases for food and miscellaneous items, BH netted $1,148.00 from the April 2013 campout.

Bluegrass Hawaii Insurance:

It was decided to pay our BH insurance due in the fall in full for 2014.

Yearly Membership Meeting:

The BH yearly membership meeting was scheduled for Sunday, July 28, 2013, at 1:00pm at Waimea Falls Park at the beginning of the monthly jam.

Election of Board Members:

There are 3 positions open on the BH board, those belonging to Virginia Hayes, Bob Hayes and Jeb Weimer.

Nominations are open to fill those positions June 17th, 2013 through July 21st, 2013. Nominations may be made by contacting Evelyn Greene at

Members of BH may vote on board members by email after the nominations are closed on July 21st, 2013. Members may also vote at the Yearly Members Meeting on Sunday, July 28, 2013.

Thus far, Caroline Wright, Bob Hayes and Virginia Hayes have been nominated to run for the open positions on the board.

October Campout

Our next campout is October 18th-21st.

Items that were discussed were:

  • Volunteers for directing parking on Saturday before the performances
  • Hiring a uniformed police officer on Saturday from 11:30 - 3:30
  • Providing more recycling receptacles, trash bags, early morning clean-up crew

Improving the attendance and quality of jams

There was concern that BH needs a core of experienced pickers at the monthly BH jam.

Creating a phone tree to contact various pickers to remind them that they are needed at jams.

Virginia was put in charge of finding possible workshop presenters for some of the jams beginning with the July BH jam at Waimea Falls Park.

Virginia Hayes

Minutes of the Board Meeting on Januray 19, 2013

Meeting opened at 2:15pm at Scott Rhode's home.

Board Members in attendance: Scott Rhode (president), Jeb Wiemer(vice president), Andy Char, Virginia Hayes (secretary) Others: Bob Hayes (treasurer), Mike Spengel


  1. The treasurer's report was given by Bob Hayes. (see Treasurer's Report for Jan. 19, 2013)
    Scott motioned to accept the treasurer's report. Jeb Wiemer seconded the motion.
  2. Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus April 26, 2013
    Andy volunteered to coordinate the festival.
    Virginia and Jeb will coordinate meals.
    Mike will cover publicity for the event.
    It was agreed to provide and honorarium of $50.00 for individuals conducting a workshop at the festival to cover expenses.
    The basic schedule of events will remain the same with bands performing on Saturday afternoon and the Band Scramble on Sunday afternoon. Because of the popularity of the Band Scramble on Sunday afternoon, the "bands" will perform 2 songs with more time to prepare.
  3. It was agreed to purchase another small pop-up canopy to replace the broken one.
  4. We will have t-shirts made for the April festival, calling on Jim Hancock and Mary Schornstheimer for their expertise.
  5. A general membership meeting will be scheduled for the March Bluegrass Hawaii jam in order to hold elections for open board member positions. The date, location and more information will be available at

Treasurer's Report Jan. 19, 2013

Account Balance, 12/31/11$2,186.06
Account Balance, 12/31/12$3,391.84
Misc. memberships to add to the balance
Oct. 2012 campout deposit was:$763.00
Apr. 2012 campout deposit was?$895.00
Mail Box Fee Nov. 2012$48.00
Insurance Oct. 2012$634.83

Canceled the merchants account which was $21.00/month

The bank signature card was taken care of. (Scott Rhode and Bob Hayes are the signees)

To do:

  • State Annual Business filing
  • IRS Tax Return for 2012
  • Find missing bank statements for June, July, Aug. and Sept.
Bob Hayes, Treasurer

Minutes of the Board Meeting on June 19, 2012

Present: Andy Char, Virginia Hayes, Justin Murata, Scotty Rhode, Jeb Wiemer. Absent: Charlie Rosario, Janice Henderson. Guests: Mike Spengel, Evelyn Greene

The board chose officers as follows: Scotty Rhode, President; Jeb Wiemer, Vice President; Virginia Hayes, Secretary; Janice Henderson, Treasurer. Andy Char will take over planning for the next Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus. Mike Spengel will continue as the monthly jam coordinator. Evelyn Greene will continue to operate the membership database and website.

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting on May 20, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by president Jim Hancock. There were three vacancies on the board to be filled, and three nominations for board members. The membership voted unanimously to elect Andy Char, Justin Murata, and Charlie Rosario to fill the three vacancies. The Board will convene at a later date to determine officer positions. Thanks to our outgoing board members, Jim Hancock, Sam Sayakawa, and Evelyn Greene!

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Minutes of the Board Meeting on January 12, 2012

Present: Evelyn Greene, Jim Hancock, Virginia Hayes, Scotty Rhode, Jeb Wiemer
Absent: Sam Hayakawa, Janice Henderson

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by President Jim Hancock.

Action on the bylaws was deferred to allow all board members to review them.

Jeb will work to secure an individual who can act as a liaison or promoter for visiting bands.

At the next board meeting, we will ask Janice to prepare a information sheet listing all recurring debts that occur throughout the year.

The storage unit will be cleared of Bluegrass Hawaii items, and it was agreed to compensate Caroline Wright $500.00 for the use of the unit.

Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus will have a continuous show of bands on Saturday afternoon, to allow walkins and visitors to hear performed music.

Jim will schedule a time for screen printing of t-shirts for sale at Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

Minutes of the Board Meeting on December 8, 2011

Present: Evelyn Greene, Jim Hancock, Virginia Hayes, Janice Henderson, Jeb Wiemer
Absent: Sam Hayakawa, Scott Rhode
Guests: Andy Char, John, Dotten, Mike Spengel

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Jim Hancock.

1. BLUEGRASS IN THE KOOLAUS: Virginia and Scotty will coordinate the next Bluegrass in the Koolaus together.

2. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: The benefits for members have expired and will be removed from the website.

3. TREASURER'S REPORT: As of October 2011, Bluegrass Hawaii has $2608.00. Janice will continue to reconcile the account. Checks over $300.00 will require the signature of the treasurer and one other officer.

4. LOGO: Sam Hayakawa's logo was chosen as the new Bluegrass Hawaii logo. Evelyn will redesign the website and membership cards. Sam will receive one year free membership.

5. STORAGE: Bluegrass Hawaii's property will be dispersed throughout the membership for storage at the next Bluegrass in the Koolaus campout. Caroline Wright is currently storing equipment. An appropriate amount will be paid to her for past storage at the next board meeting.

6. CLASSIFIED ADS: Andy Char's legal opinion is that we are able to post ads with certain limitations and stipulations. Evelyn will work with Andy on the language and will then begin administering the ads through the website.

7. POST OFFICE BOX: The post office box rent is one of our recurring expenses. Jeb and Evelyn are currently holding the keys to the box.

8. OUTREACH AT JAMS: Virginia suggested that board members make a point to provide outreach during jams. Evelyn will make and disseminate a form to each board member which can be used at any jam for mailing list sign-up.

9. T-SHIRTS: Jim will coordinate making generic Bluegrass Hawaii t-shirts which can be sold at any event.

10. BYLAWS: Andy Char provided modifications to the Bylaws. A few more modifications were proposed. Modification and ratification were deferred to the next meeting. Andy will be given a one year membership for his efforts.

11. VISITING BAND INFORMATION: Jim requested a volunteer to provide a template for visiting bands to include venues, sound system providers, transportation, etc. A request will be made to Caroline Wright to work with Bluegrass Hawaii on development of such.

12. ELECTION PROCEDURES: Nominees will be accepted in April and posted on the website. Voting will take place in person at the membesrhip general meeting in May. Those unable to attend will be able to vote by written proxy.

The next meeting will be held January 12 at a time and place to be announced.

Jim Hancock adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

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Minutes of the Board Meeting on July 14, 2011

Present: Evelyn Greene, Jim Hancock, Sam Hayakawa, Virginia Hayes, Scott Rhode, Jeb Wiemer
Absent: Janice Henderson
Guest: Mike Spengel

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Jim Hancock.

Treasurer Janice Henderson was unable to attend, but submitted a report via email. She is still gathering the appropriate bank authorizations.


1. BANNER: Scotty brought up the idea of creating a large banner that could be seen from a distance to alert folks of our location. The banner would need to be about 3 feet by 8 feet, and could be created by computer or hand painted. Sam pointed out that the cost would be approximately $300. Virginia noted that a simple banner could be made with simple materials from a fabric shop. She will come up with a cost for these materials. This item was tabled pending more information.

2. LOGO: We have discussed creating a new logo for Bluegrass Hawaii. Evelyn will solicit logo designs through a mass email, with people submitting them no later than the next board meeting, August 11. The board will choose a new logo at that time, giving the winner a t-shirt and a year's free membership.

3. BLUEGRASS IN THE KO'OLAUS: Virginia reported that canopies which will create jamming areas separate from the pavilion will cost $425 to rent. The price includes 30 folding chairs. She will ask Ho'omaluhia if it is acceptable to erect a large (20' x 30', or 20' x 40') canopy in the camping area. Due to the large cost, the board decided to table the idea until after the Rhonda Vincent Concert.

Since Bluegrass Hawaii will shortly have a new logo, the board decided not to create t-Shirts for the campout in September. Jim suggested that in the future we create an organizational t-shirt which can be sold at any event.

Virginia is working on food arrangements, and will work on getting simple take-out from nearby food establishments. Donations will be accepted for food. She will also ask about special pricing or coffee for non-profit organizations available from Starbucks.

4. THE COFFEE GUY: Jeb mentioned that Bluegrass Hawaii has a coffee pot. He would like to purchase a large bag of coffee from Costco and a small storage bin for sugar and creamer. Jim motioned that Jeb purchase these items and submit receipts to Janice. Evelyn seconded the motion, which approved unanimously. It was also unanimously approved that Jeb Wiemer's new duties come with a designated title: JEB, THE COFFEE GUY.

5. STORAGE LOCKER: Jim will investigate the amount of camping gear, prizes, tents, canopies, and other items that are in storage. He will present an inventory to the board, which will then decide the best course of action for storage. This item was tabled pending more information.

6. RHONDA VINCENT CONCERT: Scotty will investigate whether we can sell water at the concert. Posters are now available for printing and distribution. The Publicity Committee is keeping track of poster placement through a google doc.

Mike Spengel found out that publicizing the concert through the military's Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Office will require discounted tickets for military members. Evelyn will call Jeff Harris of MWR to investigate the feasibility of running discounted tickets through MWR. If this is possible, Mike proposed, and Jim seconded, that a ticket price of $20 be made available for military.

6. ADVERTISEMENT: Mike proposed a one time $132 ad in each of the three military newspapers published by Midweek to advertise the existence of Bluegrass Hawaii to the military. Jim seconded the motion, which passed with one abstention.

7. SWAP MEET JAM SESSION: The Publicity Committee has set up a jam session for Sunday, July 31st, at the swap meet where Bluegrass Hawaii can hand out flyers concerning the Rhonda Vincent concert. The space costs $10 - $15, and will be chosen on the morning of the jam. Sam and Scotty will set up the canopies and provide water.

8. TV SPOTS: Mike Spengel has asked for volunteers to perform short spots on television for further support for the campout.

9. BYLAWS: The Bylaws of Bluegrass Hawaii are in need of some revision. All board members will look at them and make notes regarding possible changes. A meeting will be held after Ho'omaluhia specifically to address the Bylaws.

Jim Hancock adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm.

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Minutes of the Board and Membership Meeting on June 26, 2011

The new board is as follows:

2011 Board Members
Jim Hancock, President
Jeb Wiemer, Vice President
Janice Henderson, Treasurer
Evelyn Greene, Secretary
Sam Hayakawa, Director
Virginia Hayes, Director
Scotty Rhode, Director

The coordinator for the monthly jam will be Mike Spengel. Jim proposed that $25.00 be given for Mike to use to secure venues, if needed. Mike would appreciate volunteers to help with clean up, securement, and thoughts concerning the monthly jam. Please email Mike at if you are willing to help out.

Caroline Wright, Mike Spengel, Scotty Rhode, Sam Hawakawa, and Jeb Wiemer volunteered to form a Publicity for Events committee.

Caroline Wright is working on the Rhonda Vincent concert, and is also looking for volunteers to help out. Please email Caroline at if you would like to give her your assistance.

Bluegrass in the Koolaus Jim took a poll of those present of improvement ideas, which were as follows: bigger and better signage; more abundant canopies; more spontaneous jam spots needed; invite the contra dancers; a better stage/performance area; more chairs; post a schedule and map. Virginia Hayes, Rene Berthiaume, and Woody Woolcock volunteered to from a committee to organize this event.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.

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Minutes of General Membership Meeting on May 22, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.

Present: Rene Berthiaume, Teresa Berthiaume, John Dotton, Evelyn Greene, Neil Halpin, Jimbo Hancock, Virginia Hayes, Janice Henderson, Pat Luna, Ed Redford, Bob Schornstheimer, Mary Schornstheimer, Neal Snyder, Mike Spengel, Dale Stewart, Jeb Wiemer, Susan Wiess, and Woody Woolcock, Caroline Wright


Bluegrass in the Koolaus Available dates in August and September are the weekends of August 21 and September 9. John Dotton motioned that we reserve August 21. Virginia Hayes modified the motion to reserve September 9, a full moon night that will allow some participation from the bluegrass lovers in Japan. Teresa seconded the amended motion, which was passed unanimously. Caroline noted that we broke even at the last Bluegrass in the Koolaus.

Treasurer's Report Our Form 990-N was accepted by the state. Our current balance is $3506.58, with approximately $500 of bills outstanding. The report was accepted subject to audit.


Elections teller: An objective person is needed to tabulate the forthcoming election results. John Dotton motioned to have Teresa Berthiaume perform those duties. Virginia Hayes seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. Teresa accepted ballots at the meeting and will retrieve mailed in ballots and tabulate them.

Ballot composition Susan Wiess motioned to have photos of the nominees included with the ballots. Unfortunately, the ballots were already printed, and the motion failed for want of a second.

Size of the New Board Bob Schornsthiemer noted that a smaller board would make it easier to have a quorum. Mike Spengel noted that a board of five would allow for quicker decision making. Jim Hancock noted that a smaller board has all of those advantages, however having a board of five would allow a small number of people to take control, and suggested seven. Evelyn Greene motioned for a board of seven, Jim Hancock seconded it, and the motion passed unanimously.

Committees Caroline Wright suggested the formation of four committees, as follows:

  1. Jams and Events, with a Bluegrass in the Koolaus Subcommittee
  2. Publicity and Promotion
  3. Membership Committee
  4. Venues and Property

This idea was viewed favorably and will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Board Member Terms A better method of staggering board member terms was discussed. Mike Spengel motioned that the election be held as scheduled, with the board deciding at its first meeting to limit the terms of three members to one year. Jim Hancock seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Recognition of Caroline Wright Bob Schornsthiemer motioned to give Caroline Wright a lifetime membership, in recognition of her role as the visionary and founder of Bluegrass Hawaii and of the wealth of information that she has gathered throughout her years of creating and running the organization. This motion was seconded by everyone in the room and passed unanimously.

Venues Susan Wiess reminded everyone of the opportunities available for jams and performances at Ward Warehouse and OnStage. She will re-introduce these venues to the Board and Events Committee after the election.

Virginia Hayes moved to adjourn the meeting. Bob Schornstheimer seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.

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Proposal to Board May 3 through 5, 2011

Four issues were brought up concerning the voting taking place for board members.

  1. Two nominees did not submit their bios in time for them to go out with the original email.
  2. Not everyone has email access, precluding voting.
  3. Only the full membership can vote to change the number of board members.
  4. Members not up for re-election are Rene Berthiaume, Janet Eblen, and Evelyn Greene.

Due to these issues, Evelyn Greene, Secretary, proposed the following:

VACATING the current election.

Caroline has arranged for the Episcopal Church on May 22. We are, by our bylaws, supposed to have a general membership meeting each May. At the church, I propose a membership meeting from 1 - 2:30 - first item on the agenda to determine if we want to change the number of board members. Secondly, I would like to MAIL out PAPER ballots to all current members. These ballots will not have bios on them, the bios will be available on line - on the website, not just through an email. We can, of course, hand ballots to folks who are present at the meeting. Otherwise folks will receive a ballot in the mail, and need to send it back to our P.O. Box. As we are a non-profit, I expect that people who want to vote should donate the 44 cents to the cost of the stamp to return the ballot.

The advantages to this include: this will give me a chance to clean up the membership roles before the meeting, we will have paper trackable ballots, we will be inline with our bylaws, and we will have "chad" proof ballots available for recounts if needed.

I would like to atone for any mistakes I have made in this whole process by providing the printed ballots, printed address labels, and envelops. Bluegrass Hawaii will provide postage, which, as there are currently 84 members, will be no more than about $45.

The proposal was endosed by Scotty Rhode, seconded by Caroline Wright, and voted approved 7 to 9 with two members absent. The ballots will include short bios of each nominee.

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Minutes of Board Meeting on March 12, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm.

Present: Janet Eblen, Rene Berthiaume, Teresa Berthiaume, Evelyn Greene, Scotty Rhode, Susan Weiss, and Caroline Wright

Absent: Jeb Wiemer

Guests: John Dotton, Jim Hancock, Mike Spengel



Elections for board members will be held at a meeting of the Bluegrass Hawaii members April 23, 3:00pm, at the Bluegrass in the Koolaus event. All seats are open. The board will consist of between 5 and 9 members. After the election, the board will appoint officers. All offices are also open.

Evelyn will send out an email to the mailing list informing the membership of the time and location of the vote, and seeking nominations.


Workshops and events: Caroline and Janet will organize the workshops and events. Teresa proposed a payment of $50 to presenters, Caroline seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Evelyn and Scotty will run a Band Scramble, Rene will provide the fake microphone, and Jim will supply a backdrop.

T-Shirts: Janet has found a source for shirts which will cost $5.50 to $6.00 per shirt plus shipping. Evelyn proposed and Susan seconded giving Janet $300 to produce shirts for sale at the event. Since the shirts have a photograph on them, there will be a photo contest for the best photo for the next Bluegrass in the Koolaus. The motion passed unanimously.

Publicity: Caroline will produce and disseminate a press release. Mike will assist with contacts to radio stations, and will look for a high school music organization to which we could provide information.

Jim will contact Sam about completion of a new poster or flyer.

Food: Susan Wiess suggested we keep Caroline Wright's ideas "for Bluegrass Hawaii to provide some additional food for the campers", on the table. After discussion, Teresa Berthiaume made a motion that campers be notified to bring enough food for themselves; and that we'd also have a communal table people can contribute to, and enjoy. Susan Wiess seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Electricity: Caroline will check on the pavilion lights, and Scotty will check on the availability of electricity for medical needs.

Name of event: Jim proposed and Caroline seconded that the name of the event shall now and in the future be "Bluegrass in the Ko'olaus". The motion passed unanimously.


Susan will get more information about jamming or performing at Ward Warehouse.


The next meeting will be held April 16 or 17, 2011.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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Minutes of Board Meeting on February 21, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm by Caroline Wright at the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.

Jeb Wiemer's position as Vice President was ratified by a unanimous vote of attending members.

Evelyn Greene's position as Secretary was ratified by a unanimous vote of attending members.

Janet Eblen's and Rene Barthiaume's positions as incoming Directors were ratified by a unanimous vote of attending members.

Scott Rhode motioned, and Ed Redford seconded, to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 3:35.

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Minutes of Board Meeting on January 23, 2010

Caroline Wright called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.

Present: Caroline Wright, President; Teresa Berthiaume, Treasurer; Jeb Wiemer, Director; Scott Rhode, Director. Quorum was reached. (We presently have only two officers and four board members, so four is a quorum.) Also present were members Evelyn Greene and Janet Eblen.

Minutes of the July 26, 2009 meeting were reviewed & highlighted by Caroline Wright. Scott Rhode moved to accept the minutes of the last meeting and Jeb Wiemer seconded. Approved by acclamation.

Teresa Berthiaume gave the Treasurer's report; our bank account has a balance of $839.79. Teresa informed all that we had expenses for Event Insurance, IBMA Membership, DCCA license fee, and we received a total of $497.72 from our last camping weekend for new memberships and donations. Caroline moved to accept the report; Jeb seconded. Approved by acclamation.

Membership Report: Caroline stated that no one as yet has volunteered to be in charge, but someone or a group is needed to manage the Membership terms for each member and to promote membership. Caroline stated that so far we have approximately 55 paid memberships.


A. Advertising and Publicity: Caroline discussed IRS constraints on advertising and publicity, a longstanding issue. Janet volunteered to talk to her mother, an attorney who specializes in non-profits, about this matter.

B. Membership: see Membership Report, above.

C. Insurance: We currently have event Insurance until September 2010. We need to discuss another year of insurance for events, and the possibility of D& O coverage. Issue tabled till next meeting.

D. Taxes: Caroline & Teresa must get together to gather information. We will ask Jim Murphy again if he can assist. We need to file our 990-EX federal return for Organization Exempt from Income Tax for 2009. If Jim is unavailable we will get a quote from HR Block.

E. Elections: Caroline called for nominations for new board members. We currently have three positions open as a result of the resignations of Bob Schacht (Secretary) and Kyle Ford (director), who have moved to the Mainland, and Neal Snyder (Vice President) who has resigned to tend to family matters. Bluegrass Hawai`i extends warmest appreciation to all of them for their service and friendship.

Scott Rhode nominated Evelyn Greene for Secretary; Teresa Berthiaume seconded the nomination. The vote was unanimous. Evelyn was delighted to be our new Secretary, as she is already assisting on the Website and is willing to also be on the Membership committee and work with Bob Schornstheimer to get the database for membership upkeep and email reminders to those whose membership is about to expire.

Teresa nominated Jeb Wiemer for Vice President. Scott Rhode seconded the nomination. The vote for Jeb was unanimous.

Scott Rhode nominated Janet Eblen to take over Jeb Wiemer's now-vacant position as Director. Caroline Wright seconded the nomination. The vote was unanimous.

Teresa nominated Rene Berthiaume, which was discussed with Rene previously, as a new Director, filling the final vacant spot. Scott Rhode seconded; the vote was unanimous. These elections will be ratified at our next jam on February 21.

2010 Board Members
Caroline Wright, President
Jeb Wiemer, Vice President
Teresa Berthiaume, Treasurer
Evelyn Greene, Secretary
Rene Berthiaume, Director
Janet Eblen, Director
Sam Hayakawa, Director
Scott Rhode, Director
Susan Wiess, Director


A. Workshops & Activities for Pickin' Weekend: As one of our new Directors, Janet volunteered to schedule Workshops for our next camping weekend in April 2010. Caroline will assist her. Workshop facilitators who volunteered for the last event may be asked again, and there were some additional ideas: Contra Dancers, workshops presented by our guests from Oregon, more instrumental & vocal workshops. If we have a massage therapist available we could offer that too, as was done at the last event.

Scotty mentioned that Honolulu Community College offers both ukulele-making & songwriting classes. He will ask if the instructors are interested in presenting workshops.

B. Publicity for Pickin' Weekend: Caroline will send press releases to local press contacts. Keith Cabiles has offered to design flyers and posters. Everybody in the group can help with distribution at various locations, i.e. UH, HCC, music stores, etc.

C. Hospitality: We need picnic tents (for workshops) and possibly sleeping tents for guests. We will discuss this at our next planning meeting in February with members of the Hospitality Committee (Jim Hancock, Sharon Sawdey, etc.)

D. Fundraising & Raffles: We discussed fundraisers and raffles for Pickin' Weekend. Evelyn offered a half-hour airplane ride in her Sterman airplane, estimated value of $100. (Mahalo, Evelyn!) Jeb Wiemer will work on getting a Pono ukelele or one of his own guitars for the event. BH would buy the materials at cost, and the instrument could be raffled or auctioned. (Mahalo, Jeb!)

We also discussed t-shirts. Caroline has talked to both BH member Jim Hancock (who has silkscreening equipment) and Keith Cabiles, a local designer who created the TwangJam publicity materials, about creating shirts for the event. Keith is already thinking about designs and will talk to Jim about specs for the silkscreen process. Jim told Caroline that he could obtain cotton t-shirts for about $1 apiece. If shirts can be sold for at least $10, Bluegrass Hawai`i might realize a tidy profit.

Caroline reported that Pastor Harry Timmins from Maui has the "Frankenbanjo," the banjo donated to Bluegrass Hawaii several years ago. Harry says the banjo is a 1967 RB-170, Gibson's low-end openback model which at the time of its manufacture sold for $250. Neither the case nor the homemade resonator are original. The neck and action need adjusting; it needs a new 5th string tuner (original one is friction and stripped-toast), a new L-bracket for the tailpiece mount (old one is broken-probably not OEM anyway), new bridge, strings, armrest, 5th string spike, and setup. Per Harry, George Gruhn at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville recently sold one in primo original condition with the original case for 700.00. The parts Harry has ordered for the instrument came to about $75, and he believes it will take several hours of work to get it totally playable. He suggested that we could instead try to sell it when it's restored, but he doubts it would fetch much in today's market. He offered to buy it as a weekend jam model for $500.

After some discussion, Teresa made a motion to accept $500 from Harry Timmins for "Frankenbanjo." The motion was seconded by Scotty and passed by acclamation.

E. Next meeting & jam: More planning needs to be done for this event, and we decided to have a planning meeting after the next jam, which will take place at Wahiawa Botanical Gardens from 11am till 4pm on 2/21/10. The meeting will take place at Caroline's home in Wahiawa on 2/21, directly following the jam at the Botanical Gardens.

Jeb made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:55pm. Scotty seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa Berthiaume, Treasurer

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