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Bill Monroe Visits Hawai`i
PDFs and photo provided by Sam Hayakawa

September 7, 1981: Bill Monroe got lei'd!
(photo ęSam Hayakawa, used with permission)

A couple years ago, Bluegrass Hawai`i's Sam Hayakawa emailed us this very special photo of the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe.

Sam shot the above photo himself during Big Mon's 1981 visit to Hawai`i. "Hawaii Country Festival '81" took place on September 7, 1981, and featured several local acts--Melveen Leed, the Fifth String Band (Sam's bluegrass act!), the Country Living Band (a Waimanalo country act), as well as country legend Johnny Paycheck and the Father of Bluegrass himself!

Sam also sent a flyer about the concert. This flyer was sent out via U.S. mail (ahhh, for the days of cheap postage!) and included the lineup and other interesting stuff.

Those of you who enjoy historical ephemera will be happy to see that the flyer, in PDF format, is now downloadable here! (You'll need Adobe Reader to view these files.)

Flyer for Hawai`i Country Festival '81: Outside

Flyer for Hawai`i Country Festival '81: Inside


Sam Hayakawa is a good friend and a loyal supporter of Bluegrass Hawai`i, and he's a terrific mandolin player!

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